Hey, I'm Hardy. 👋

I help people build meaningful products & services that are joyful to use. And in that process I help transform companies to become places you love to work for.

  • Maker

    Sketching, Prototyping, Programming

  • Networker

    Communities of Practice

  • Trainer & Coach

    Human Centered Design,
    Lean Startup, Agile Product Development

“I worked with Hardy in my role as CSO of Swisscom. Hardy played a major role in making Swisscom's security more customer-friendly and open to the outside world. Hardy managed the balance between creativity and innovation as well as the seriousness of the topic. He has definitely contributed to making our work more customer-friendly."

How I work

My approach to solving problems is inspired by Design Thinking, Agile & Lean Startup thinking. I belief that understanding the problem first will lead to more holistical solutions. Creating and delivering customer experiences that feel unique is a non-linear, iterative approach. This is where my deep understanding of Agile and Lean Startup thinking helps me deliver working solutions fast.

  • hearing


    Understanding the problem with Design Thinking lies at the heart of Human Centered Design and is the starting point for great solutions. Only with deep empathy can wen solve the wicked problems of our time.

  • create


    Creating lasting, engaging and relevant products is art istself. Here the interative, incremental & integrative approach of Agile Product Development gets applied. Only through a great team can great products become reality.

  • redeem


    Just creating a brilliant solution does not mean solving the problem just yet. Delivering the product to the market in the right time, way & speed is essential. Here shines the Lean Startup thinking for launching the product into the market with its emprical approach.


These are some work examples from the past 10 years

  • Project NamePublic Speaking
  • Project NameCX-Trainings
  • Project NameIdeation & Design Sprints
  • Project NameInteraction Design & Agile Coaching
  • Project NameRapid Prototyping
  • Project NameProduct Coaching

“Hardy is a part of the inner circle of people who have clear understanding of how the digital financial services will develop in the next decade. I don’t know many people in the Swiss market with a such a clear vision of the upcoming developments in this area like the Hardy’s one. He is a fast thinker and always able to take a business perspective and switch seamlessly into a technical one."


Let's get in touch.

Please reach out to me if you have any question or would like to work with me. I am looking forward to hear from you!